1 Day on 10 Litres Challenge

1 Day on 10 Litres Challenge

In 2010, Italian fashion legend Giorgio Armani did something amazing, and I’m not talking about opening up his first hotel in Dubai (although it looks pretty amaze too). No, Mr Armani did something far bigger and made a global commitment to saving water by creating the Acqua for Life initiative, which provides underprivileged communities around the world with fresh, running water.

And with World Water Day being observed on 22 March around the globe, for the sixth year running the Acqua for Life campaign along with Green Cross International is encouraging you and me to wise up about water – something more poignant in our country than ever.

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Aside from raising funds and physically installing water points, latrines, rain water collection, water filtering and purification systems, AFL is big on educating the world on the importance of water conservation, something I’m vigilantly passionate about (to the point of switching off taps in public bathrooms when other people are letting them run while doing stupid things like checking their make-up or preening their hair). I’m a water-saving nazi and you should be too; if you haven’t seen Max Max: Fury Road (AKA that movie that won every award this season where Charlize paints half her face black and drives around in a desert with sexy Tom hardy for two hours being chased by zombies blasting heavy metal music from their chariots of fire) you should, and you should be terrified by the prospect that if we keep going that could very well be our world in years to come.

FYI Since 2011, AFL has already given 108 communities in eight countries and three continents access to drinking water, with around 880 million litres of water provided.

You can read more about the amazing work AFL has been doing over the years on their website, but the purpose of this post is to present you with an opportunity to join me on a mini water-saving crusade that you can share with your friends and family.

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The Challenge

On Tuesday, I challenge you to tap into your creativity (see what I did there) and live one day on 10 litres of water (a luxury for many people). I’m going to be storing my 10 litres in a super cool Armani Acqua for Life jerry can and dividing it up into the litres I’ll need for everything I use water for in a day. I’ve also challenged two bloggers to join me on my quest – Tracy from The Fashion Fox and Zainab from David & Radcliffe (check them out, their blogs are awesome). Together, we’re going to be attempting this World Water Day with 10 litres of water. I’m even going to be so brazen (read foolish) to attempt hair-washing day. Here’s my battle plan, so follow my journey on social media to see if it goes accordingly:

Ψ Litre 1 – wet my hair, face and body

Ψ Litres 2 and 3 – rinse my hair, face and body after washing

Ψ Litres 4 and 5 – brush my teeth and fill a bottle for use during the day

Ψ Litre 6 – rinse vegetables and use some to make soup

Ψ Litres 7 and 8 – wash my chopping board, pot and cooking utensils

Ψ Litre 9 – fill my cat’s water bowl and water my plants

Ψ Litre 10 – wash my face, brush my teeth and drink water before bed

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I hope you will join me and encourage your friends to do it too. Consider it an opportunity for friendly competition and see who can really make do with only 10 litres (and who will fail), share your struggles and successes, and most importantly your tips for getting by on less throughout the day.


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