A Very Lush Christmas

A Very Lush Christmas

Christmas is my most favourite time of year, surpassing all other occasions, holidays and celebrations. For me, it has always been such a magical and happy time, made all the more exciting by the prospect of beautiful Chrismassy ornaments and gifts. And because my childhood love of deliciously-scented bath goodies has only grown with time, this year’s Lush Christmas event was a real treat.

There are so many gorgeous new bath and body products to behold, with a delightful Christmas twist that makes them the perfect gifts for friends, family, partners and of course yourself!

Lushing Out

The Lush Christmas affair took place at the Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town and saw the tree-lined grounds being transformed into a bustling little Eden of fragrant treats. If you’ve ever walked into a mall with a Lush store nearby, you’ll know the trademark ‘Lush scent’ all too well and be able to follow it all the way to the store (even with your eyes closed). The Christmas launch was no different, and the scent could be smelled long before guests first laid eyes on the happy gathering.

Mount Nelson

Some of the most exciting new Lush Christmas items were on display and I spent a very happy afternoon sniffing, whiffing, scrubbing and rubbing my way through the fragrant fare. Take a look below to see some of my favourites and get a little Lush Christmas inspiration of your own.

Lush Christmas featured 2

Bombs Away

Lush has some great pre-wrapped gifting options featuring what are sure to be some of their most popular festive items. I particularly like the The Jugglers Spin Me Right Round Gift Set (R295/700g) which contains a Luxury Lush Pud, Frozen and Fizzbanger Bath Bomb. It’s a treat kids will love too!

Lush The Jugglers Gift Set ft. Luxury Lush Pud, Frozen and Fizzbanger Bath Bombs, R295 700g.

On the Bath Bomb front, two of my favourite finds are the ButterBear Bath Bomb (R39,50/60g), which also comes in a huge 800g tin (the kind you want to hold on to forever to store your festive Christmas cookies and treats) and the Yog Nog Ballistic Bath Bomb (R65/200g). This creamy dream turns to frothy meringue when it hits the water and has the most incredible scent.

Lush Butter Bear Bath Bomb, R39.50/60g or R275/800g tin.Lush Yog Nog Ballistic Bath Bomb, R65/200g

Bubbles & Bliss

To make purchasing decisions even harder, Lush has created unique spoils like the shimmering explosion of Stardust Sleeping Beauty Ballistic (R49,50/70g) fragranced with bergamot, rosewood and vanilla, Peeping Santa Bubble Bar (R55,50/100g) with a layer of cocoa and shea butter in the middle and Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar (R89/100g), which I love because it means I can enjoy the popular Snow Fairy scent over and over again.

Lush various 2

Treat little ones to Dashing Santa Bath Bomb (R48,50/100g) or get your hands on Five Gold Rings Reusable Bubble Bar (R89/100g) with vanilla and tonka. Know someone who’s not so sure about this whole Christmas spirit thing? Give them the spiral beauty of Bar Humbug Bubble Bar (R52,50/100g) with a liquorice allsorts scent guaranteed to turn any sceptic into a a twinkly-light-loving lunatic in no time.

Lush various

Channel your inner Santa with Father Christmas Bath Bomb (R54,50/100g), indulge without the bulge by crumbling Holly Golightly Bubble Bar (R89/200g) into your tub and breathe in the fabulous festive spice. If you’re a sucker for pretty presents, you’ll love the gift-shaped Golden Wonder Bath Bomb (R68,50/200g) with cheerful scents of sweet orange, cognac and lime oils.

Lush various 3

Soap & Glory

Of all the Lush Christmas treats, my favourite has to be Yog Nog Hand & Body Soap (R48,50/100g). The scent (just like the Yog Nog Ballistic Bath Bomb) is unbelievably addictive – rich, creamy and decadent with a warm and comforting spicy touch. The soap is made with soya yoghurt, clove bud, ylang ylang and cocoa powder making for a truly delicious creation that I just cannot get enough of. For something a little fresher, try a slice of Reindeer Rock Hand & Body Soap (R47,50/100g) with an uplifting blend of bergamot oil and cyprus.

Lush Yog Nog Soap R48.50 100g and Reindeer Rock Soap R47.50 100g

If you still feel like a kid inside and love playing in the bath or shower, Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly (R85/100g) will turn shower time into a party. It’s made from fresh apple juice and vegan red wine, complete with a belly full of sparkling stars.

Lush Santas Belly Shower Jelly, R85 100g

Scrubs & Rubs

For me, scrubs are the meaning of life. I don’t believe you can ever have enough or try enough, and finding the perfect scrub is a lifelong ambition of mine. I also adore a good lip scrub but they are so few and far between that I usually just end up making my own with sugar, mint and honey. Santa’s Lip Scrub (R95/25g) is a delightful little pot for pout perfection. It uses castor sugar, dates and cherries, and has a delicious cola-flavour that makes you just want to lick it all off afterwards… and you can!

Lush Santas Lip Scrub, R95 25g

Even though these aren’t part of the Christmas collection, if you’re looking for a different take on body scrubs you should definitely give one of the Lush solid scrubs a bash. Rub Rub Rub Solid Body Scrub (R120/130g) scrubs skin smooth with sea salt (my best!) and illipe butter, and has dried cherry blossoms embedded in each brick. Rough With The Smooth Body Scrub (R120/130g) is a more masculine scrub that the boys will love made with sugar and murumuru butter, scented with black pepper and patchouli oil, and vanilla.

Lush Rub Rub Rub Solid Body Scrub R120 130g and The Rough With The Smooth Body Scrub R120 130g

Get it online and at LUSH stores for a limited time only

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