is owned and edited by South African Beauty Editor and long-time mascara-addict, Lauren Watters.

Lauren was born in Cape Town in August 1985. Following a traumatic year in advertising she studied journalism at Varsity College where she took a fancy to glossy mags and thought she might like to edit one…one day.

She began an internship at Marie Claire in 2007 under Beauty Editor Helen Clemson and it is here that she began her love affair with beauty. In 2008 she landed the job as Beauty Assistant at Glamour magazine, where she met and mingled with the very best in the industry, including a tall, intimidating blonde woman who would later teach her the meaning of life.

Following a brief hiatus involving a make-up-free stint in travel writing and a long period of wearing track pants, she found her soul once more and beat out over 200 applicants for the sought-after position of Beauty Assistant at Fairlady. It is here that she met Beauty guru Shannon Smith (the tall, intimidating blonde) who taught her – among many, many other things – the value of a long-wearing red lipstick.

Towards the end of 2010, she was headhunted for the position of Junior Beauty Editor for The Pretty Network and, which she accepted amidst much screaming and hyperventilation, and continued to work for the popular beauty site until its closure in August 2011.

After several months of blissful unemployment, endless visits to the sunny Labour Department and countless job interviews, she decided if you can’t join them, beat them! And so the inspiration for Dearheart Beauty was born.

Dearheart Beauty has been built with lots of love and heart, and we hope it will be a source of great inspiration and joy to women (and a few men), and a trusted resource to turn to for all things beauty.

All my love,


The Dearheart Beauty mantra

Beauty is not about unattainable trends, airbrushed celebrities and flaunting the latest labels. It’s about you; being informed and inspired, taking what you’ve got – looking at what’s hot – and making it work for you.


Photography Abigail K

If you step out of the door with a smile on your face and happiness in your heart, that’s beautiful. Lauren Watters