Babor Algae Active Fluid

Babor Algae Active Fluid

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A couple of weeks ago my skin went through one of its common hissy fits and I ended up with a face that was as dry as the desert, flaking like snow at Christmas and feeling as tight and sore as ever. It was like winter was back and it had friends! I decided to give this little box of ampoules from Babor a try and see if dynamite really does come it small packages.

These concentrated ampoules are designed for very dry skin so I was eager to see if they’d make a difference and, more importantly, how long I’d have to wait to find the relief I was after. I started out using one a day but soon realised just how much is actually in these little vials; 2ml may not sound like a lot, but the texture is so fine and liquid that the contents spread beautifully over skin, easily covering the face, neck and even a bit of the chest too.

After three days my skin was already feeling much better – more hydrated, less tight, calmer and more comfortable, and most of the visible flakes had gone. I then began using half an ampoule in the morning and half at night to make the most of the gorgeous after feel. I really love their scent too – fresh and aquatic – which hints at the origin of the active ingredients, extracted from deep sea plankton algae. Their job is to provide, store and retain moisture in the skin, and the formula also contains other marine ingredients to stimulate microcirculation, detoxify skin, relieve mild congestion and boost enzymatic activity.

My skin did feel fresher, more youthful and healthier but honestly all those extras were just a bonus. For me the relief I felt and the more hydrated skin I had after just 7 days of using these ampoules was enough to make me want to buy them again and again. A little really goes a long way and it’s easy to make them last if you use them sparingly, too.