A Nail as Old as Time

A Nail as Old as Time

Apologies, but there is no way that heading was going to pass me by. I feel like I have been waiting my entire life to type it, and indeed to enjoy the magic that is the amazing new Morgan Taylor Beauty and The Beast Collection.

It’s the movie on everybody’s lips and it’s sure to be the nail polish on everyone’s tips too!

Morgan Taylor Beauty and The Beast Collection nail colours copy

The fairy-tale inspired collection includes six new shades (also available in matching Gelish hues for longer-lasting wear) as well as a special top coat which instantly transforms any of these shades into something truly magical (R149 each):

♥ The Last Petal ♥ Be Our Guest ♥ Plumette with Excitement

♥ Gaston And On And On ♥ Days in the Sun ♥ Potts of Tea

♥ Enchanted Patina ♥

Morgan Taylor Beauty and The Beast Collection colours

MT B&B Featured 2

No Chips Here

I was sent three of the six shades, along with Enchanted Patina. As I had Gelish on at the time, I decided to do my review using these nail sticks to show what each shade looks like (both on its own and also after applying the Enchanted Patina Top Coat):

♥ Be Our Guest I can see this is going to be a favourite well into Autumn and Winter too. The raspberry-fuchsia hue is so bright and beautiful (more so than the bottle lets on) and it suits any skin tone easily. It’s also a dream to apply as you can get away with one slightly thicker coat if you need to.

♥ Days in the Sun This buttery yellow is a true delight and can’t help but make you feel happy on the inside. It has the slightest pearlescent touch to it which gives it a prettier finish than if it were a plain cream shade. You’ll need several coats though to build a good colour.

♥ Gaston And On And On Many of my favourite nail polish colours are sea- or sky-inspired hues and this pretty pastel blue is just lovely. It goes with anything and looks so good on toes too, especially while enjoying some of those last glorious summer beach days.

MT B&B Colours featured named

Once the Enchanted Patina Top Coat is applied to any of the nail colours, it instantly transforms the shade in to a pretty, pearlier and more magical version of its former self (much like the transformation of the Beast himself… pity we can’t throw bottles of the stuff over all the men we’d like to improve).

I prefer some of the shades on their own without the top coat – Days in the Sun looks better without it and while it turns Gaston and On and On into a pretty mermaid-like pearly green, I still prefer the plain hue. However, The Last Petal looks simply radiant with the top coat, turning a beautiful rose-gold hue.

MT B&B Enchanted Patina coats featured named

If you’re wondering if you can wear the Enchanted Patina Top Coat on its own or what it looks like with no other nail polish underneath, take a look here. I rather love the effect and it reminds me of a softer, golder version of a beautiful shade Chanel brought out years ago that I adored for many months. It has a slightly rosey touch too which makes it interesting.

Tip You can get away with one coat if you like a sheer finish, but two or three will really make this one pop.

MT B&B Enchanted Patina featured

The Looks

To add to the beauty of this new collection, Morgan Taylor’s top nail techs have designed five beautifully detailed looks inspired by the tale of Beauty and The Beast. There is an easy to follow step-by-step for each of them but be warned, there’s nothing easy about achieving these looks as they are very intricate.

MT BB The Looks

To get you in the mood for the movie, which debuts on 13 April in South Africa, take a look at the trailer below. I’ll be attending the exclusive preview tomorrow and will share some of the highlights live from the launch so follow me on social media and get ready to Plumette with Excitement.

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