Beauty Buzz | Eau Tropicale

Beauty Buzz | Eau Tropicale

Inspired by the mysterious beauty of hidden rainforests, Sisley Eau Tropicale will change everything you thought you knew about exotic, tropical fragrances.

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Sisley Eau Tropicale EDT.

Sisley Eau Tropicale EDT.

The inspiration

When I think of typical tropical fragrances, I imagine heavy scents laden with overpowering, sweet notes of coconut or vanilla. Not the sort of thing I want to be wearing on a hot summer’s day.

Thankfully, the noses behind Sisley Eau Tropicale (R885 for 50ml, R1464 for 100ml) had the talent to imagine a paradisiacal world far beyond such things to create a tropical-inspired scent that doesn’t leave you smelling like a tanning oil.

Instead of evoking visions of hot, sandy beaches and sultry nights by the ocean, take a journey deep into the exotic expanses of the lushest forests, brimming with undiscovered blooms growing amidst the cheerful twittering or colourful birds.


To my absolute delight, there is not a flake of coconut nor a drop of vanilla to be found (at least not in the key fragrance ingredients). Perfumes can comprise hundreds of different oils, so it is impossible for us to tell each and every ingredient – that’s a secret only the perfumers know, and they keep it close to heart.

SIsleyMuch like entering a lush, dense tropical forest for the first time, and taking in the extraordinary atmosphere, Eau Tropicale instantly captivates the senses with zesty notes of bergamot and a sparkle of ginger, before bursting into life with a bouquet of fragrant, exotic blooms including hibiscus, passionflower and frangipani (one of my favourite flowers).

The tropical journey continues, moving as one would deeper into the heart of the forest, with the intoxicating, and rich white floral scent of tuberose, softened with Turkish rose and delicate violets.

As your senses settle and you begin to take in the beauty of your exotic surroundings, the fragrance reveals its natural essences – a woody accord of dry cedar, together with earthy patchouli and ambrette seeds, which lend a striking sensuality to the scent.

It really is like taking an journey to an undiscovered, tropical rainforest. And yet, despite its unmistakably exotic nuances, the scent is still elegant and wearable enough to enjoy day or night, wherever you go (which for most of us is not going to be into the depths of the Amazon).

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Wanna see more? Take a look at this video highlighting the beauty of the fragrance’s flacon.

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