Beauty Buzz | I Want Candy!!!

Beauty Buzz | I Want Candy!!!

The beauty gurus at Yves Saint Laurent know the way to a girl’s heart and have sent us something sweet and sexy to satisfy us for Spring…candy!

Yves Saint Laurent’s new Candy Face Collection will put a spring in your step this season.

Spring is one of our favourite times of year. Not for the pretty blooms on the trees or the delightful creeping in of warmer weather, but because all the beauty houses get into the spring of things with gorgeous pastel and candy-coated make-up.

One of our favourite collections of the season is Candy Face from YSL. The colours are simply divine – pale and popping pinks, baby blues and lemon yellows, and some lovely lilacs, too!

Palette Party

We just love a pretty, girly palette, and there are two fabulous finds to choose from in this new collection. If you’ve ever tried those delicious boxes or canes of rock candy, you’ll see why we love the Vinyl Candy Palette (R795). It’s your all-in-one foursome with two pearl and two satin berry shades in pinks and purples, with a block of navy blue to help accent those lids and create the signature Candy Face look above. And, if you use a light hand, the combination of pinks with a touch of purple add a beautiful pop of colour to cheeks, too.

Ombres 5 Lumieres (R665) offers up something a little more subtle in Spring’s hottest sorbet shades – pale pink, baby blue, lemon yellow, lilac and a gorgeous green. And, unlike many of the pastel palettes we’ve tried, there’s nothing matt about this one. There’s a beautiful shimmer to each of the five shades and the colours are easily buildable, so you can apply them sheerish for a subtle hint of colour and more intense for that real look of Spring.

YSL Vinyl Candy Palette & Ombres 5 Lumieres for eyes.

Nail Tale

The only thing better than one gorgeous bottle of nail polish is two. Double trouble! We love that these not so little 6ml polishes come in packs – Manucure Couture – which makes it easy to mix and match to create the perfect nail style. Choose from the chocmint duo of Edition 7 or the bonbon duo of Edition 8 (R275 each).

YSL Manucure Couture Colour Nail Polish Duo.

We put the complementary duos with their tapered brushes to the test and played around with the three fruity candy colours to create a pretty party look.

Three pretty colours – mint, baby pink and peach!

Here’s what we found:

One fairly thick coat will provide a perfect coat of colour when using the candy shades, which is rare for pastel polishes that usually require three or more thinner coats to build a streak-free finish.

Two thinner coats work just as nicely to leave you with a perfect paint. The first coat dries so quickly – by the time you’re done with the 5th finger the first will be dry – which means choosing two thinner coats over one thicker one is your best option.

The tapered brush takes a while to get used to, but once you get the hang of it it actually helps you to get up close to the cuticle without letting the colour seep in. It’s also great for carefully painting a different coloured tip on each nail.

Here’s the result with two coats of each candy colour. They look so great together or alone.

And take a look how pretty they look with alternating colours on each nail tip.



Lip Locked

And in case you’re more into playing up your lips rather than your eyes or nails, there are some seriously dangerous shades of lipstick and gloss to keep you very happy.

YSL Rouge Volupte Perle in 113, 114 and 115 (R395 each)

YSL Golden Gloss in 45 and 50 (R335 each)

YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in 10 and 8 (R395 each)

YSL Rouge Volupte Pearl, Golden Gloss and Volupte Sheer Candy.

Get it exclusively at selected Edgars stores


  1. Your nails look stunning, SUCH pretty colours!

    • Thanks Lis 😉



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