9 Best Bath & Body Buys

9 Best Bath & Body Buys

I never used to be a bath person. Sure when I was little, but that was mainly due to it being drawn for me and being told to ‘get in or else’. Plus it didn’t hurt that it was always filled with toys, colourful water and a variety of ‘matey’ character bottles.

As I grew up, my teenage years were dominated by showers. I couldn’t understand my grandmother telling me how she loved bathing and wanting Woolies magnolia foam bath for every birthday. It’s really only in the last five years or so that I’ve truly come to appreciate the allure of bath time. Luckily, I’ve also discovered beautiful products to make time in the tub and the after-bath ritual even more luxurious. And the ‘matey’ bottles have been replaced with more sophisticated best bath buys fit for the ‘old lady’ I’ve become. My dear granny would be proud.


Fruity Yum Yum

Charlotte Rhys Yum Wanton Blueberry Candle (R176) and Yum Ruby Grapefruit Bubbles (R93,50)


For me, a bath time ritual is never complete without dimming the lights and igniting a scented candle. I have amassed quite the collection over the years, and this fruity treat is my latest find. The juicy scent is delicious and the collector in me can’t wait to use the jar as a vase once the candle has burned down.

To fragrance my bath, I love the mild zestiness of this grapefruit-scented bubble bath. The invigorating smell is the best pick-me-up after a long day.

P.S Did you know that each of the Charlotte Rhys Yum products are made fresh to order? Just think of all that fruity freshness being created once you hit the save button on your shopping cart!


British Gardens

Elemis British Botanical Shower Cream and Body Cream (R530 each)



My boyfriend often jokes that I’m a bit of an Anglophile. I just love all things British (barring the weather). From what is arguably one of Britain’s most famous skincare brands, this luxurious body duo was inspired by the untamed beauty of the British countryside. Both boast a blend of homegrown botanicals, essential oils of lavender, chamomile, geranium and palmarosa. They have a decidedly aromatic, almost wild, scent – the kind you’d find walking through damp, unkempt fields of brambles, tangled bushes and tall grasses.

The shower cream contains Echium oil (a purple-flowered plant found in Essex and Yorkshire) that’s rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9 to really nourish skin and reinforce its protective barrier, which is often compromised during winter, as well as organic oats and rosemary for gentle cleansing.

Post-bath or shower, I love to pamper my skin using the soothing body cream which has skin conditioning milk proteins, as well as Echium oil and mineral-rich organic oats extract.

FYI There’s also a new range called Sweet Orchid with an exotic floral scent of oriental orchid, sweet vanilla and citrus. It contains Japanese Stone Orchid, Mauve Butterfly Orchid and cherry seed oils to hydrate and nourish, and something about it just reminds me of a trip to Thailand years ago.


Mojito Madness

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Shower Gel (R99) and Body Butter (R160)



Paying homage to one of my favourite cocktails, this delightful limited edition range stole my heart the second I clapped eyes on it. The scent is incredible – a zesty combination of Caribbean lime, mint and a little magic. And while it’s a sure summer favourite for obvious reasons, I love to use it year round to add a boost of energy to tired skin.

The shower gel is one of my best bath buys post-workouts (especially after long beach runs) and the body butter nourishes my skin instantly without feeling too heavy. It launched quite a while ago but if you can lay your hands on it, don’t think twice – it’s worth the spend.

Tip There’s also a divine Body Splash (R140) with a zingy scent that you can use to lightly fragrance your skin post-bath or just to freshen up during the day.


Budget Beauties

Nivea Care & Magnolia Shower Cream (R49,99 from August) and Q10 Plus Firming Body Oil (R109,99)


Dynamite may come in small packages but there’s nothing better than a whopping big bottle of a fab shower cream. This is one of two new variants available in a new 500ml size. The scent takes me back to browsing the Woolies beauty aisles looking for magnolia bath goodies for my gran. Aside from cleansing your skin in the bath or shower, I often use it to add a dash of creamy bubbles to my bath when I’ve run out of foam bath.

And when it comes to nourishment, there are few things in this world that compare to the happiness a dose of this pampering oil brings me. The new blue bottle boasts an even better formula combining co-enzyme Q10, avocado oil, macadamia nut oil and cottonseed oil. My Mum also buys it in bulk and between us a bottle never lasts more than two weeks. In addition to coating my skin with it daily, I like to use it to nourish my cuticles and even my heels when they need a little TLC.

Tip Apply body oils and creams onto damp skin to lock in moisture. You can also add a few drops to your bath water to nourish your skin as you soak, and this one makes an ideal massage oil too.


Love of Lilies

Crabtree & Evelyn Lily Conditioning Hand Wash (R460)


Lilies are my favourite flowers and I just love the fragrance of lily-scented body products. While this may not technically be one of my best bath buys, the ritual of hand washing is something we all (should) do so often throughout the day that I feel it should be as pampering an experience as bathing. This hand wash has such a glorious floral scent of lily of the valley, dewy greens and moss, musk and sensual ylang ylang. Plus it contains white magnolia and elderflower extracts to help nourish skin as it cleanses.

Tip Follow each wash with a dose of Lily Hand Therapy (R400) to keep your hands soft, smooth, hydrated and beautifully fragranced.

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