Brushing Up

Brushing Up

The hair gurus at Tangle Teezer recently launched not one but two brand new hair styling tools to make all your hair fantasies come true (or at least get you a little closer to realising them).

To be honest, I was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to jumping on the TT band wagon. Growing up, I’d been fortunate enough not to have the kind of hair that tangled easily (which is odd as it’s very thin and fine) and when the original TT launched, I couldn’t quite get my head around the lack of handle, as compact as it was. I’ve also used a comb for the last 10 years, rather than a brush, to groom and pull my hair up when needed (it just works for me) and my blow-dry brush has been on of those typical barrel brushes with regular bristles found in any pharmacy.

But over the last year or two, Tangle Teezer has really stepped up their game and launched some amazing products that aren’t just targeted at people who have easily-tangled hair or like a compact solution for their grooming tools. And their two most recent launches have me changing my old ways and loving my new grooming routine.


Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Round Tool (Large R360, Small R330, selected salons)

Tangle Teezer Blow-Dry Brushes featured

This is the first of the new launches and comes in two sizes – Large for medium to long hair, and Small for shorter to medium length hair. I’ve been test-driving the Large brush for a few weeks and since then my old barrel brush has mysteriously disappeared into the far reaches of tools and products never to be found again (commonly known as the dumping box). I did manage to dig it out recently just to prove to myself how inferior it actually was to this new tool, and spent about 10 minutes trying to re-teach myself how to yank my hair in the right direction for a decent blow-dry. Point proved.

So how does this new brush work? Well, it’s all in the teeth which I do admit look and feel rather scary on first inspection. Having a sensitive scalp when it comes to blow-drying and brushing (probably the reason I turned to a softer comb years back) means that I have to be as gentle as possible when styling my hair or I’ll end up with 1) a headache, 2) half my hair on the floor, and 3) a really sore, itchy scalp for days. These teeth look and feel quite firm and sharp and I was nervous to try it out. It look a little getting used to as you need to find the right angle to tilt your wrist in order to grip the hair correctly (especially if it is very fine, thicker hair should have no issues at all, making it a total dream for you!). Once I managed that, I was A for Away and A-mazed at how little pressure I needed to put on my hair in order to pull it taught enough to blow-dry smoothly. I also realised that I had been so used to having to scrape my old brush as close to the scalp as possible to get the right traction (causing some of the sensitivity) whereas with this brush it wasn’t needed. Why? The teeth do all the pulling! They are designed to pick hair up at the very root for great lift and volume (which helps when your hair is fairly flat and thin too) and your hair flows through the teeth so easily with no tangling, pulling or tugging. The brush is also fairly lightweight, which we all know helps a lot when you have your arms up in the air for up to 30 minutes.

Tangle Teezer Blow-Dry Brush teeth featured

But by far the best part of this brush has to be that you can use it on wet hair – not just damp, wet! That means no need to rough dry and in fact I’ve found it works better this way. After getting out the shower, I squeeze my hair with a towel and keep it in a turban while I finish drying my body and put on something light to wear (blow-drying can be a hot and tiresome business so I never do it full dressed). Then I unwrap my hair, comb it through and start blow-drying using the brush.

The perfect finish

Tangle Teezer Professional Finishing Hairbrush (R300, selected Clicks stores)

Tangle Teezer Finishing Brush featured

The second launch is this shiny creation, which comes in The Ultimate Black (above) and The Ultimate Pink, for those of you with a penchant for pretty pink styling tools. Having not used an actual brush for grooming my hair in many years, I was eager to see if this new tool could convert me.

Once again, the beauty lies in the positioning of the teeth, something TT has become known for over the years, and they work beautifully to snake gently through hair with a soft tension that easily detangles any trouble spots (like those induced by blustering South Easters in the Cape) and generally smoothes the hair cuticle for a soft finish. But it’s not just a finishing brush for you to use sitting in front of the dresser, combing your hair like a mermaid. The longer teeth mean you can also use it to create stylish updos, perfect ponytails (something my trusty comb usually excels at) and it’s a total dream for backbrushing! They even say it works wonders on maintaining and blending in hair extensions and weaves, though I can’t attest to that personally.

Lauren backcomb

Tip I really love the mirror shine on the back of the brush as it’s a handy way to check your hair is looking good before and after grooming when you’re on the go without access to a mirror. It’s also super light, so perfect for handbags and travel in general. And because you can use it to style as well as groom, you can get away with just one brush (and of course your Blow-Styling Tool) in your luggage.

Tangle Teezer Finishing Brush featured 4

Tangle Teezer Finishing Brush featured 3

Get it at selected hair salons and Clicks stores

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