BTL Lymphastim @ Rejuvenation Centre

BTL Lymphastim @ Rejuvenation Centre

Last year I visited the newly opened Rejuvenation Centre in Stellenbosch, to experience one of the latest treatments in body shaping and wellness. Owned by Dr Heather Blaylock and run by Dr Blaylock and practice manager Dominique Dingemans, Rejuvenation Centre opened a little over a year ago and my first impressions when attending the launch were very good.

Situated in Stellenbosch, Rejuvenation Centre is a small, beautifully appointed treatment centre offering a variety of aesthetic, body and wellness treatments and procedures from botox, fillers and chemical peels to integrative wellness and even female rejuvenation.

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They are also stockists of some of the best professional and cosmeceutical skincare products on the market including SkinCeuticals, Heliocare and NeoStrata.

Skinceuticals range

A few months after the launch, I went back to experience some of their body treatments, including a few sessions of BTL Lymphastim. Anyone who knows me knows that I get cold very quickly and it doesn’t take much to make my skin turn a colder shade of blue. I also struggle with poor circulation, particularly in winter, and at a beauty launch last year the ‘before’ and ‘after’ results of a ten minute leg massage on a cold winter’s day showed exactly the kind of problem I struggle with daily. Clearly, BTL Lymphastim was exactly what was needed and I couldn’t wait to try it.


BTL Lymphastim (from R300 for 30 mins)

Part of the centre’s intergrative wellness offering, BTL Lymphastim helps regenerate and detoxify the body. It promotes lymphatic drainage, volume reduction and is used in body shape remodelling. It’s also used to treat body problems such as cellulite, heavy-legs syndrome and a general lack of skin elasticity. There are 26 preset programmes, including those for muscular relaxation and regular massage as well as an option to disable certain chambers in order to minimise pressure on areas that are not tolerated well such as painful knees or lower back, etc. It is an ideal treatment to have after BTL Exilis Elite or X-Wave, as well as supplementary therapy after liposuction. Look out for my next post on my BTL Exilis and X-Wave treatments for more.

In preparation for a BTL Lymphastim treatment, any tight pants (such as jeans) need to be removed, but loose-fitting clothing or thin materials such as leggings are fine to wear. The process involves lying on one of the treatment beds and then slipping into what can only be described as a highly attractive, (particularly slimming) Oros-Man pants suit. This super sexy get-up gives fat pants a whole new meaning girls!

BTL Lymphastim pants featured

Once you’ve all zipped up – from toes to waist – you can lie back and let the magic happen. The pants are then activated using a machine which creates individually adjustable pressure chambers all around the legs. The process of lymphatic massage then begins whereby waves of pressure are sent in specific rhythms and patterns using these chambers throughout the feet, legs, pelvis and lower waist area in order to stimulate lymphatic drainage.

At first it felt unusual and almost uncomfortable as I wasn’t used to the feeling and was a little weary that the pressure wouldn’t stop when it needed to, but after two minutes I was perfectly comfortable and I actually started to enjoy the feeling. The firm, rhythmic squeezing was oddly pleasant and deeply comforting – it felt like being cocooned in a beautifully safe, happy space. I closed my eyes and drifted off into some kind of modern massage heaven and thoroughly enjoyed the 30 minutes it took for the treatment to run its course.

FYI BTL Lymphastim is also useful for a variety of medical problems, and includes an ‘upper limb system’ for arm swelling due to impaired lymph drainage after mastectomy.

BTL Lymphastim pants featured 2

Results After just one 30-minute treatment, I felt a whole lot lighter and fresher. It was a Friday and usually by this time after a week of working, exercising and rushing around to complete personal admin, my legs are rather weary and sore. The treatment succeeded in relieving that tiredness completely and I saw an immediate difference in the colour of my legs brought about by the improved circulation. The following morning, I completed a 15km run. Usually, I would experience what is called Delayed Onset Muscle Stiffness (DOMS) 48 hours later, leaving me hobbling around at work on the Monday. However, this time I had none whatsoever. I can only put it down to having experienced this treatment pre-run and the boost in circulation and lymph drainage prior to exercising. If you’re suffering from poor circulation, water retention, swelling and heavy legs, I highly recommend giving a course of treatments using BTL Lymphastim a go.

Legs after 1


Rejuvenation Centre
Stellenpark, R44 & School Road
Stellenbosch, 7600
Tel 021 180 4990

Photography Lauren Watters

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