Cetaphil Daylong Spray SPF30 Face and Body

Cetaphil Daylong Spray SPF30 Face and Body

Price R162,69

Get it at selected Clicks and Dis-Chem stores, and independent pharmacies

I have a big problem with the name of this Cetaphil product but no issues with the formula or protection, which is what really counts.

Why the name? It’s misleading and could confuse customers and lead them to believe it offers ‘day long’ protection. No sun product on earth does that, yet. I really hope I live to see the day where they do.

The formula, however, is great and if you have very sensitive skin it could work for you because it’s hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. However, it does only contain chemical UV filters (Octinoxate, Tinosorb-S, Avobenzone, etc.) so there is still a chance it could irritate sensitive skin. It also means you have to apply it 20 minutes before sun exposure to give the ingredients time to start working.

The spray nozzle works very well and distributes the product in a targeted, even dose every time, which means zero product shooting off into the air and being wasted. The texture is light, bordering on the runny side, absorbs well and doesn’t leave a greasy after feel. This is all the more impressive considering the very, very water-resistant formula, which makes it the perfect choice for swimmers, surfers and athletes. What’s even more impressive is that it’s non-comedogenic so it won’t block pores or cause breakouts. All this at a reasonable price makes it a worthwhile buy for proper sun protection.

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