Need to know

I endeavour to create detailed, honest reviews and features to give my readers a well-rounded idea of my personal product and treatment experiences. Not every product is suitable for every person – we all have likes and dislikes – and it’s part of what makes us unique.

If I don’t enjoy something about a particular product or experience, I’ll tell you about it honestly. However, that doesn’t mean it may not be something you would enjoy or benefit from in some way. Do your research, take inspiration and information from a range of credible sources, and make your own choices.

Most of the products featured and reviewed on have been sent to me by beauty brands and PR companies across the country. I often receive several deliveries a day from various brands, usually containing multiple products, and while I always appreciate the opportunity to try new and old products, please understand that I am in no way obliged to feature any items sent to me.

The products and experiences featured on this site and through social media are the ones I choose to share with my readers or take the time to review for my own knowledge and experience – things I think my readers would appreciate and relate to, and above all the things I personally love.

In the interest of full disclosure, all sponsored posts and paid for campaigns will be marked as such. If you are interested in partnering with me on brand campaigns, promotions, advertising or competitions, please contact me and we can discuss ways to create some wonderful exposure for your brands.