DIY | 5 Steps to Summer Shape Up

DIY | 5 Steps to Summer Shape Up

With spring in bloom and summer around the corner, it’s time to think about getting your body in shape for the warmer weather. Whether you’re a blushing bride-to-be, an excited bridesmaid or simply wanting to look fabulous in those beautiful summery dresses, here are five simple steps to a fitter you. 



Get plenty of rest. Yes it’s beauty sleep but it’s also important for your body. If you skimp on sleep and wake up feeling tired, you’re not going to have the energy to make healthy choices during the day. You’ll be less likely to make yourself a healthy breakfast, rather than grabbing some junk food at work, and you certainly won’t want to come home and enjoy some exercise.


You are what you eat, and wouldn’t you rather be a delicious and healthy meal, rather than a plate of fatty fast food? Get your day off to a good start by eating breakfast, even if it’s something small like some fresh fruit. This will help provide the energy to kickstart your day and you’ll be less likely to start snacking or craving bad things later on in the morning.

STEP Three

Fruit-flavoured waterSwitch that cup of juice or sugary tea for a tall glass of water (still or sparkling) infused with strawberries, cucumber or lemon. It’s a far healthier alternative to sugary drinks, and the addition of fruit helps to make it a little more interesting. Lemon also contains lots of vitamin C to boost your immune system, and it helps to naturally freshen your breath.


If the weather wasn’t so dreary in winter, there’d be more healthy bodies showing off in summer. That’s why it’s important to take every opportunity to fit in some exercise. Team up with a friend and commit to a regular fitness schedule, even if you start off slowly with a routine you know you can manage.

Tip Take the stairs at every chance you get, and if you have even ten minutes to spare during the day, use it to enjoy a brisk walk or a quick run outdoors. The more you do it, the better the results.


Reward yourself for good behaviour, but do it sensibly. It’s no good keeping a super strict eating plan during the week if you undo all the good you’ve done by binging like crazy on the weekend. Establish balance by treating yourself to healthy swaps such as a scoop of sorbet instead of ice-cream, a plate of sushi instead of a burger, and a handful of delicious dried berries and nuts instead of crisps.

Swap something like cheesecake...

Swap something like cheesecake…

For a healthier alternative like sorbet.

… for a healthier alternative like sorbet.











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