Elemis Life Elixirs Tune Into You

Elemis Life Elixirs Tune Into You

A little while ago I attended the launch of the new Elemis Life Elixirs range, hosted at Harbour House in Kalk Bay. It was such a beautiful evening (topped off by seeing my a whale in the bay!) and myself and other beauty editors and bloggers were treated to an evening of delicious food while we were introduced to this beautiful collection.

Elemis National Trainer, Varsha Sharma, was there to take us through the creation of the Elemis Life Elixirs collection, and most importantly what each of the beautiful aromatherapeutic scents represents and offers. The story is quite amazing: it took eight perfumers and two aromatherapists from four different countries, five years to create this collection, with up to 19 essential oils used in some of the creations! The result is an inspiring collection embracing modern aromatics to make you stop, breathe and tune into you.

ELEMIS LIFE ELIXIRS has been created to bring everything back to the potency of modern aromatics. When the day overwhelms you, these complex, delicate, yet scientifically formulated blends will tune into you. Restoring harmony, settling the mind, quietening the body, whilst harnessing your inner dynamism. – Noella Gabriel, Co-Founder and Creator of ELEMIS Therapies

The ELEMIS Life Elixirs collection offers two beautiful new products, available in five sensational blends:

Elemis Life Elixirs Perfume Oil (R625 for 8.5ml) and Life Elixirs Bath and Shower Elixir (R1220 for 100ml).

♥    Calm    ♥    Clarity    ♥    Fortitude    ♥    Embrace    ♥    Sleep

Elemis Life Elixirs Bath & Shower Elixirs Featured

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Each of the five hypnotic essential blends embodies a state of mind, want or desire that can help to instill that energy or feeling in the user. We all know the power essential oils can have on the body, mind and senses, and these complex creations come together in the perfect symphony of scents to calm, uplift, harmonise, exhilarate and restore.

♥ Calm Stop. Breathe. Be Still with a hypnotic blend of 15 essential oils including Rosewood to lift the spirits, Clary Sage to calm and Lavandin to help unwind and relax. Benefits: Relaxes, Soothes, Calms.

♥ Clarity Stop. Breathe Refocus with 8 essential oils such as energising Bitter Orange, refreshing Caradamom (one of my favourite spices) and warming Ginger. Benefits: Uplifts, Invigorates, Focuses.

♥ Fortitude Stop. Breathe and Be Confident with 19 essential oils including anchoring Ylang Ylang, harmonising Cedarwood and Geranium to restore, centre and encourage confidence. Benefits: Grounds, Strengthens, Harmonises.

♥ Embrace Stop. Breathe. Love with a combination 11 essential oils such as Vetiver, sweet Frankincense and potent Pink Pepper to inspire adventure. Benefits: Exhilarates, Stimulates, Uplifts.

♥ Sleep Stop. Breathe. Deeply relax with a combination of 13 essential oils including Patchouli, Elemi and Palmarosa to help relax, unwind your mind and reset your rhythm. Benefits: Relaxes, Soothes, Restores.

Elemis Life Elixirs Perfume Oil featured

I adore the spicy-citrus scent of Clarity which I find incredibly uplifting and energising, while the warm woody-floralcy of Fortitude really does make me feel comfortable, safe and very grounded. It’s also an incredibly intoxicating scent, and the deeper you breathe it in the more you appreciate the complexity of its 19 essential oils.

The Perfume Oil wand is ideal to tote around in your handbag for little scent touch-ups during the day using the rollerball applicator, and it should last quite a while as it releases just the right amount of oil. I think it’s ideal for travel too and plan to take it on a trip to the Med next year to enjoy its energising scent on holiday.

To make bath and shower-time an indulgent affair, its recommended to add a few small capfuls of the Bath & Shower Elixir to running water or apply it directly to your skin while showering. I actually like to apply a small amount directly to my neck and wrist after showering to enjoy the scent lingering on my skin even longer. I only use a few dabs and, as it has an oil-like consistency, it feels really nourishing and smooth on my skin.

Elemis Life Elixirs Candle Featured

There are also glorious candles to fragrance your home, but sadly these aren’t available in SA at the moment. I really hope they plan to introduce them in future as they are a magical way to enjoy the benefits of these scent creations even further, and really add to a total pampering experience.

FYI If you’re wondering what the little designs are on each of the products (take a look around the base of the candle and at the top of the Perfume Oil) they’re actually representations of the patterns made by the vibrations of Chladni plates, which cause sand placed on top of these plates to move and create various patterns. Each of the five blends bears a different symbol created by a different vibration.

Get it at Edgars (Sandton, Eastgate, Canal Walk, V&A Waterfront,Brooklyn Mall), spas and salons, and online

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