Eucerin AtoControl Bath & Shower Oil

Eucerin AtoControl Bath & Shower Oil

Price R139,99

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Eucerin has long been known as the brand to turn to for a number of skincare concerns, more specifically conditions such as sensitivity and extreme dryness like atopic dermatitis (eczema or super dry, itching skin that drives you mad).

The arrival of this bath and shower oil came at just the right time for me as my skin was well into the harsh effects of winter and experiencing all those lovely symptoms like dryness, irritation, itching and a tight, cracking feeling.

The formula contains 20% Omega to help reinforce the barrier of the skin (something that takes a beating during winter) as well as ingredients to soothe, reduce inflammation and itching, and help to hydrate your skin every time you cleanse.

It works beautifully and while it’s not a luxurious treat – it’s plain, simple and free from added colourants, preservatives and fragrances – the feeling of soothed, hydrated skin and relief from that dryness and itching is better than any pampering money can buy.

Tip It’s also gentle enough to use as a bath additive when bathing babies and small children.

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