Filorga Anti-Ageing Micellar Solution

Filorga Anti-Ageing Micellar Solution

Price R360

Get it at selected Edgars and Red Square stores

It’s no secret that I adore cleansing waters. They’re basically the only thing I use to remove eye make-up and I love that I can use them to cleanse the rest of my face and neck too when I’ve worn very light make-up during the day. This one from Filorga is one of my favourites.

The fragrance-free formula is divine – a combination of micelles for cleansing, rhamnose for soothing and trehalose for maximum hydration and comfort – and it never leaves my skin feeling tight or dry. That’s one of the reasons I love cleansing waters because I find them far gentler on my skin than most cleansers. I do think that it works best on light make-up and, when I’ve worn quite a lot during the day, I use it for an initial make-up removal followed by a regular facial wash to really clean my skin.

To remove eye make-up, pour some onto two cotton pads and place these over the eyes for a minute (30 seconds will do too if you’re in a rush but you’ll need to rub a little more). Then gently slide the pads down the lids and lashes a few times before folding them in half and using them to remove mascara in upwards motions from under the lashes. Then place the folded end right against the lash line and move it gently from side to side until all of the product is off.

But let’s talk about the price, because that’s my favourite part. I’m under no illusions that R360 is not a cheap amount to shell out for a cleansing water BUT you are getting 400ml of it with this one. Seriously, this bottle is enormous. The only downside is that it makes it a bit annoying to transport if you travel a lot but it’s easy enough to decant some into a smaller bottle and simply refill when you need to.

Tip For waterproof make-up, you’ll need to use a special eye make-up remover to gently and effectively clean the eye area. I have removed waterproof mascara with this one (purely as an experiment for review) but I would not recommend it as it requires far more rubbing and pulling than is necessary.

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