Style | Blind-sided

Style | Blind-sided

Can't wait to see what gorgeous glasses from Prada are in Mullers at the moment!

Can’t wait to see the new Prada styles at Mullers!

I’m a big fan of contact lenses – the ones I use are those fabulous leave-them-in-for-a-month-and-forget-about-them kind (although you are actually supposed to take them out once a week for a rest).

The only time I really struggle in is on trips to JHB when the air starts to dry up everything and forces me to rest the lenses like a good girl and bring out the ancient pair of specs I’ve had since high school (hot).

Unfortunately, my eyes are also really sensitive to light and I kind of live in my favourite sunglasses most of the year. So, when I switched the specs for the sunnies in the middle of Sandton last week I was basically blind and – long story short – ended up waving madly at someone who I really, really thought was my best friend but, upon MUCH closer (like nose to nose) inspection, totally wasn’t. FAIL!

So, if you’re ever been in the same predicament or if you’re a spectacle-wearing sunglass-loving kind gal too, let me save you the future embarrassment and suggesting a visit to Mullers pronto.

Love this vintage number from Vogue, R995.

They’re not just about simple specs and eye exams – they actually have a really stunning range of designer sunglasses from Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Prada and more (who knew?) that can be fitted with your unique prescription lenses, too, so you’ll never be caught out waving idiotically like me. Plus, they stock several brands exclusively in their stores like Anne et Valentin and Starck.

Take a look at some of their newest styles – we’re really feeling these stunning Tortie Vogues – very ‘50s secretary a la Mad Men don’t you think?

Something retro? We love these Raybans, R1860.

Something sporty? Try these Oakleys, R1425.









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