Etc | Hill’s Kitty Cuddler

Etc | Hill’s Kitty Cuddler

If you’re a self-confessed cat lady like me, the thought of nifty toys and spoils for your precious furry children is about as exciting as a pair of new shoes (possibly more). And because the clever people at Hill’s understand this love for our feline friends, they’ve got a little something to make their winter simply purrfect.
Hill's Kitty Cuddler and Ideal Balance.

Feast your eyes on Hill’s gorgeous Kitty Cuddler and their new Ideal Balance cat food.

Hill's Kitty Cuddler colours.Purchase two bags of Hill’s Science Plan (3-5kg) or Ideal Balance feline (2.72-6.8kg) during the month of June at participating veterinary outlets and you’ll receive one of these cute Hill’s Kitty Cuddler beds worth R250!

They’re available in four colours, so you’ll be able to choose the one that suits your cat (and your home) the best, whether it’s bright pink, cool blue, trendy taupe or soft beige.

Tips for using it

Once you’ve taken your Hill’s Kitty Cuddler home, you can use it in one of two ways – either flat for cats who like to stretch out (it makes a beautiful sun lounger) or simply pull the drawstring for cats who like to snuggle up and keep warm in winter.

Place the bed where your cat usually sleeps (try elevating it as cats like to look down on the world)
Put your cat’s favourite toys inside and add a sprinkling of catnip to make it more appealing

My cat Tinker wasn’t too sure what to make of this new arrival when I first brought it home and spent a good ten minutes sussing it out. Eventually, she braved the great unknown and – one paw at a time – began to investigate its inner workings (with a little help from some of her new Ideal Balance cat biscuits – you get nothing for nothing with a cat and bribery is everything).

Hill's Ideal Balance Adult.

Hill’s Ideal Balance Adult.

Ideal Balance is Hill’s newest food for cats who want (or more likely need) healthy, nutritionally balanced food. It contains NO corn, wheat or soy as well as NO added artificial colours, preservatives or flavours. Tinker’s been enjoying the Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe with:

Fresh chicken – a lean protein for ideal body weight and optimal growth

Brown rice – a natural fibre for digestion

Cranberries – rich in antioxidants and promotes good bladder health

Vegetables – full of vitamins and minerals to support natural defences

Flaxseed – boasting omega 3 and 6 for healthy skin and a glossy coat

Eggs – containing amino acids, the building blocks of muscles and organs

Tinkie 1 Tinkie 2 Tinkie 3 Tinkie 4Later that day, I took the advice from Hill’s and placed some of her blankets into the Kitty Cuddler to help transfer some of her scent in order to make it seem more natural to her. It wasn’t long before I found her cuddled up and purring happily in her new found place of comfort. Now, if they can just make a human-sized one of these my winter will be a lot happier!

Home at last.

Home at last. It seems my humans were right about this strange blue thing after all. Purr.

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