Style | If the shoe fits…

Style | If the shoe fits…

 I have a small obsession with shoes (don’t we all?) and they’re one of the few fashion items I regularly buy for myself when I can afford it.

Jazzing up a casual pair of summer shorts at a launch.

Shoes are the perfect accessory to any outfit. They can dress up a casual pair of shorts in seconds, take you from day to night in a matter of inches, and the best part? If you’re a 6 in summer, you’re a 6 in winter and no amount of bloating, chocolate binges or winter weight is going to change that.

I also love that a good quality pair – if taken care of – can last you many, many seasons and even years, which makes them a worthwhile fashion investment if you’re prepared to look after them. And, of course, nothing quite complements a perfect pedicure like a pretty pair of peep toes or sandals!

One of my favourite new pairs that I’ve been rocking throughout summer is from Madison Footwear – they’re called Lucy in Blue (but they come in a pretty pink, too) and they’re sooo comfy.

You’d expect them to be really heavy by looking at that thick wedge, but they’re seriously feather-light, which makes them absolutely perfect for travelling when you’re bound by those minimal luggage restrictions. I also love the feeling of the fabric wrapping around my feet and the softness means no nasty blisters or rough patches caused by hard, unpleasant straps.

Tip If you’re headed out in peep toes and haven’t the time for a full pedi or paint, grab a pretty polish and just coat the two or three toes that are visible. No one will know!

Madison Lucy in Blue.

Madison Lucy in Pink.

Nicole in Taupe – a cutesy ankle boot with just enough heel to give you a little lift.

Winter Wonders

Now that winter is almost upon us, it’s time to start thinking about the season’s most bootilicious offerings and I’ve spotted a few from Madison’s new collections that look spot on for the cold to come.

Check them out below and click here for a list of stockists.

And, in case you haven’t already seen it, Madison is running an amazing competition here where you can win a year’s supply of fabulous Madison shoes! So, go on and enter but you have to promise to share if you win.

Tip Black nail polish is a great quick fix for those last minute touch-ups for heel scuffs, and nail polish remover helps to get rid of scuff marks on dark patent leather shoes.

Megan in Grey – ‘though it looks more a russet brown is simple and stylish and will keep you high and dry in the wet weather.

Lila in Charcoal is a real ‘I mean business’ boot that’ll look fab over stockings, leggings or a gorgeous pair of skinny jeans.















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