From the ♥ | Madison in the Med

From the ♥ | Madison in the Med

Summer is finally upon us and with it brings warmer weather, shorter dresses and loads of occasions to dress up and don those stylish summer heels. And if you’re stuck for what to wear this season, Madison Footwear is ready to kit you out with a shoe for every moment, whether it’s a glamorous office party, a night out with the girls or something a little more casual.

One of my ultimate must-haves in Madison’s summer collection is this strapping pair of heels. I’ve been dying to try them on for months, ever since I saw them at the sneak preview way back in July! Finally, they are here and the stylistas have been snapping them up daily online. I managed to grab a pair last week and they’ve barely left my feet since. And boy have they gotten attention!

How do they feel?

Madison Candy Heels in Navy, R459.

I love the feeling of being strapped into my shoes, and these sky-high heels fit like a glove. They’re super comfortable, with sturdy straps across the front of the foot and ankle. I also love the platform on the front of the shoe, which helps to provide more height, without ever feeling like you’re toppling over. The fabric around the heel area offers great support and a safe place to rest your foot, and the heel shaft is just wide enough to support the height and provide the perfect balance.

How do they look?

The Mediterranean look is so big right now and the cruise-wear vibe is right on trend with the runways of the world. These stripy heels are the perfect fit for summer, whether you’re wearing them to a chic pool party, a glamorous office function, movies with the girls or any other special occasion.

Pair them with a striking white dress, a pair of sexy, skinny jeans or your favourite summer shorts.

Dress them up for sophisticated functions. I wore them with this dress from Zara (Milan) to an office party, baby shower, kitchen tea and a bachelorette party. Accessorised with Prada sunnies and a silver bracelet.

Dress them down for an effortlessly stylish outfit for a shopping trip, a night out with the girls, after-work drinks or movies with your man. Accessorised with navy pants Zara (Milan), Kelly Bloom bag & WW top.


Tip A slick of bold, bright nail colour such as a coral or fuchsia, or a sophisticated taupe, will help to accent these heels and draw attention to your feet.

Looking for a little more sophistication? Nude, taupe and beige shades complement these heels perfectly.

For a punchy kick, choose a bright coral or tangerine shade for your nail polish.

Get Shopping

Click to buy these styling summer Candy Heels in Navy (R459) or for something a little more punchy try the gorgeous Candy Heels in Coral (R459).

If you like something a little more eye-catching, why not try the Candy Heels in Coral on for size?

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  1. These heels are too gorgeous. Love the price as well. You look lovely:-)

    • Ah, thank you so much Desle 😉 they are super comfy too, which always helps with heels this high


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