INOAR Vegan Conditioner

INOAR Vegan Conditioner

Price R320 for 300ml

Get it at selected hair salons

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This new conditioner is part of the first vegan range from INOAR and is 100% vegan (read more) as it contains no ingredients of animal origin. It’s also cruelty-free like all the INOAR products as they never test on animals.

It has the same delicious coconut scent as the shampoo and contains lots of nourishing oils like coconut, olive, macadamia, argan and wheat germ. It’s also equally as lovely and considerably thicker, with a milky colour that looks just like glossy coconut cream. A little goes a long way (which is good as R320 is not in everyone’s budget) but bear in mind you’re getting 300ml of product which is more than most professional products offer.

My hair feels amazing after every use and I so look forward to breathing in that coconut-filled scent during every wash. I’ve also been impressed by how both the conditioner and even the shampoo are lasting as I’ve been using them for the last three months about twice a week and haven’t yet finished either bottle.

Tip Even though most people find their conditioner lasts longer than their shampoo, in general we all tend to use far too much conditioner and the result often means most of it doesn’t do its job and just gets flushed away. Start off with a smaller amount and work it well into the lengths of the hair. If you really feel you need more after working it through, you can always add a little more. It’ll also save you in the long run as your products will last far longer.

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