Invisibobble Secret Garden

Invisibobble Secret Garden

Lovers of Invisibobble everywhere, rejoice! There’s a brand new Spring-inspired collection of your favourite nifty hair ties to satisfy all your warm-weather-loving, flower-crown-wearing hair fantasies.

If you haven’t heard of Invisibobble, it’s time to crawl out from that rock under which you’ve been hiding. And if you have but you’re still saying, ‘nah, these pretty, flims things will never be able to hold my hair back, think again. I was just as sceptical years ago before actually trying them, especially as I rely on no-fail hair ties to keep my hair up when running. Since that first glorious day I have never looked back.

Here’s why:

They actually work (yes, really. No, I’m serious…try them).

A couple of twists is all is takes to tie your hair up easily and stylishly.

They won’t pull, break, tangle or damage your precious locks at all (wet or dry).

Plus, they just look super cute, whether in your hair or on your wrist.

Unlike traditional elastics which are unforgiving and grip the hair at every spot causing friction, pulling and breakage, Invisibobble provides a secure grip over itself rather than placing all the pressure on your hair. The result? Your hair stays up where you put it, no tension means no headaches, you won’t have to worry about pulling half of your hair out with the band when you release it and there’s no dreaded hair-band kink left behind. That means you can go from freshly blow-dried to hair held high and back to loose and flowing without a care in the world.


Secret Garden

This pretty limited edition collection launched in October (R80 for a box of three) and I’ve already spotted girls all over the city wearing these new colours. There are four new ones to choose from:

  ♥   Forbidden Fruit   ♥   Cherry Blossom   ♥   Sweet Clementine   ♥   Lucky Fountain


Mint to Be

My favourite colour in the collection is Forbidden Fruit. I own a lot of mint-coloured clothing and I do like pairing my hair ties with my outfit for a little extra pop of colour.


Power Play

Still not convinced? If your mane is more monstrous than magical, behold: Invisibobble Power! No hair is too tough, no workout too intense for these babies. They’re wider and thicker than the original, and boast an intensified spiral shape for extra grip making them ideal for unmanageable hair and those intense workouts. Best part? You can forget about all that damage, breaking and headaches caused by constant friction and pulling! Currently, you’ll find them in four cool colours – Crystal Clear, True Black, Something Blue and Pinking of You at R80 for a box of three.


Get it at selected hair salons and online at

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