Justine SolarTec Skincare Body Lotion SPF40

Justine SolarTec Skincare Body Lotion SPF40

Price R230

Get it through a Justine rep or call 0860 10 23 45

If you love the convenience of ordering your beauty products by catalogue and having them delivered right to your door, this sun lotion from Justine should be high on your shopping list.

It’s water-resistant so it’s great for days by the beach and pool and, although it’s quite creamy, it absorbs well into skin. It does need a little more work to rub it into body parts with more hair such as arms, legs or when used on men, but once it sinks in you can barely notice it. The after feel is light and soft.

It offers both UVA and UVB protection due to a combination of chemical and physical filters, which is also what makes it a little more white due to the Titanium dioxide. However a little more blending on darker skins will quickly help to remove any white appearance. The smell is also very pleasant and not overbearing at all.

Tip Prefer a spray? Try their Active Sun Protection Spray SPF50 (R230, or R139 until 31st Jan).


  1. Can l use ths product on face

    • It is recommended for body and there are usually specific sunscreens for face which are light and less oily to prevent breakouts. However, if you have no other choice, some sunscreen is always better than none.


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