Lancôme Juicy Shakers in Action

Lancôme Juicy Shakers in Action

The launch of Lancôme’s latest (and in my opinion, greatest) lippy has the beauty world buzzing, and if you’re a fan of deliciously-scented lip tints and oils that leave your pout pretty, polished and plump, you’ll want to bag one pronto.

One of the reasons I was keen to try these new lip products is because of a long-time love affair with Lancôme’s iconic Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss (circa 2000). My Aunt sent me one of these from England when they launched and I, as a 15-year-old high school girl, was besotted! I think the scent was watermelon or something similar, whatever it was it was the most delicious thing I’d ever put on my lips and I eked out the contents of that tube for about a year!

The launch of Lancôme’s Juicy Shaker Biphase Colour Infusion Lip Oil (R270) claims to be the perfect union of the Juicy Tubes I love with another of the brand’s iconic lippies – the Shaker Lipsticks created in 1946 to mimic the silhouette of cocktail-shakers at a time when cocktail-hour was becoming a thing of glamour.


The line up

There are eight pretty shades that have just launched including such fanciful names as Freedom of Peach, Walk the Line, Berry Tale, Vanilla Pop and Good Kara-Mel, but the heroes have to be Berry in Love, Apri-Cute and my personal favourite and current obsession – Mangoes Wild. Lancôme’s familiar faces Lupita Nyong’o and Lily Collins (she of the impossibly perfect brows) are fronting the new campaign with their most flattering shades.



Shake it up

I’m completely in love with the texture, the finish and the scent – each of the eight shades has its own signature scent and it’s so hard to choose a favourite because they’re all so deliciously addictive.

They also boast a clever bi-phase formula which combines the perfect blend of colour and shine from a gloss with the nourishing comfort of a lip oil – another of my beauty obsessions. To activate the two, simply shake, shake, shake to merge the two together and coat the silky soft pillow-like sponge applicator. Then sweep it over your lips and enjoy the glossy colour (without ANY stickiness of a traditional lipgloss. I do love Juicy Tubes, but oh my those babies are no good in windy weather).

Phase one contains four oils: peach kernel, sweet almond, cranberry and musk rose

Phase two combines pigments for a vibrant finish that intensities with every coat

My thoughts

I’ve heard some bloggers complain that they don’t get as much colour from them as they’d like, but remember these aren’t lacquers or full colour glosses. But they do provide a pretty punch of colour and I find if you add on a few layers of colour (re-dipping and shaking in between each) you’ll build up a perfectly decent level of pigment. They’re not as long-lasting as I’d like and they won’t to stand up to much eating or drinking, but I also love the experience of reapplying them every few hours or so. I do find that after several applications, and by the end of the day, they tend to bleed a little in which case I’ll either start fresh and wipe everything off to reapply from scratch, or use something a little more lasting at night.

Tip I love to use them to add a pinch of colour to my cheeks too. After applying them to your lips, just dab the applicator onto the apples of your cheeks and buff the colour in gently using your finger tips. It’s become my favourite blusher!

Shade parade

Take a closer look at three of the most popular colours and scents below, both on the models and on my own lips to give a true reflection of colour payoff and finish.

Mangoes Wild

This pretty orange-pink melon-like hue is by far my favourite of the lot. It’s just such a flattering shade and adds instant pop to my lips, especially on days when I’m looking for a quick make-up routine. The fruity mango scent also makes it a winner and I’ve had so many compliments when wearing it.




I plan to bring this baby out come Spring/Summer because peach is so on trend for Spring 2016. It’s been seen all over the runways at the Spring fashion shows and I think this sunny apricot will look delightful paired with lashings of mascara and perhaps a touch of coral on the eyes.



Berry in Love

This romantic shade also smells utterly delicious and reminds me of a sweeter version of my morning berry smoothies, which I always pack full of blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. It looks much more intense on darker lips like Lupita’s, but on paler skin turns more of a pinkish-purple.



Here’s a side by side comparison of Mangoes Wild and Berry in Love, used both on lips and cheeks.


There are several more shades which have launched overseas including one called Wonder Melon, which I have a sneaky suspicion could smell exactly like my old Juicy Tubes flame. May have to give my Auntie a call and relive my teenage dream years…

FYI There’s also a glorious limited edition shade, Mint To Be, which boasts a pale blue-tinted formula that applies clear but makes your teeth appear whiter. Hold thumbs that baby makes its way to us!

Get it at selected retailers and department stores