Mavala Refreshing Foot Gel

Mavala Refreshing Foot Gel

Price R230

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These days it seems like all I do is rush around madly trying to play catch-up with the world, and my poor feet are really suffering. I usually end the day with sore, aching soles – sound familiar? If you’re constantly on your feet you’ll love this cooling foot gel from Mavala. It uses a combination of menthol and camphor to revitalise and refresh tired feet in seconds.

You can either apply it by smoothing it lightly over feet and allowing it to dry for a few minutes or rubbing it in until the gel absorbs completely. It feels slightly sticky at first and there is a moment when you think it might not disappear nicely but it soon does and you are left with a delightful cooling sensation.

What I really enjoy about it is that, while it leaves feet feeling light and fresh, it’s not so cooling and stimulating that you couldn’t use it in winter. That makes it the ideal foot treat to use in the cooler months too when your feet have been cooped up in thick socks and boots for hours on end and are in desperate need of a bit of freshness. For summer, use it daily to cool hot, tired soles before bed.

It’s also a lovely light, travel-friendly product to take along for holidays to relieve weary, swollen feet after hours spent sightseeing and on days when you’re suffering with heavy legs too, apply Mavala Revitalizing Emulsion for tired legs (R250) in light, circular movements. It refreshes weary limbs quickly and is ideal for use during and after plane travel.

Tip Give your feet a mini pamper session at home using Mavala Smoothing Scrub Cream for Feet (R230) followed by lashings of Mavala Hydro-Repair Foot Care (R250) to soothe dry feet and chapped heels.

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