Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze Face Cream SPF50

Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze Face Cream SPF50

Price R109,99

Get it at selected retailers and pharmacies

Among other things (like gorgeous body treats and budget-friendly skincare) Nivea makes fantastic suncare products. They’re a pleasure to use, affordable and really well-formulated.

While I’m the last person to advocate tanning in any form, especially on your face, I realise a lot of people are going to do it anyway (despite the warnings and consequences). The innovative formula in this sun cream, which is also water-resistant, supports the skin’s natural tanning ability, while providing essential protection from UV rays. That means less time in the sun to achieve the tan you’re after or simply the added benefit of a natural tan if you’re mainly looking for protection in the first place.

The feeling is also lovely – very light and moisturising, and not greasy or suffocating like some sunscreens. And because it doesn’t have any colour or tint and looks just like a regular sun product, men will love it too for being able to promote natural tanning without anyone noticing.

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