Pantene Trial: Week 2

Pantene Trial: Week 2

 Choosing the right hair care products to keep your hair healthy and beautiful can be hard, especially when it seems like your current products aren’t working like they used to. Pantene has several great ranges to address a number of hair care concerns, now with a new Pro-V damage-blocker formula. Take a look at my post from Week 1 to find out how it can help prevent the minerals in water from damaging your hair, and read on to see the results of Week 2.
Pretty new packaging and a fancy new formula.

Pretty new packaging and a fancy new formula from Pantene.

Week 2

Well into the second week of my Pantene Shine Strong Challenge, and my hair continues to impress me. Now it must be said that I didn’t have particularly terrible hair to begin with. Little over a year ago (and to the horror of my beloved hair dresser) I made the decision to quit colour, and I haven’t looked back. My ends were permanently dry and my hair never seemed to grow past a certain length. It was the best decision I could have made because my hair has grown much longer and feels healthier, but my ends still tend to be dry which is why a nourishing conditioner is a must-have.

Pantene Repair & Protect Shampoo and Smooth & Sleek Conditioner.

Pantene Repair & Protect Shampoo and Smooth & Sleek Conditioner – great for taming frizzy hair.

I’m really enjoying the Moisture Renewal Conditioner (R42,99 for 200ml) and the hydrating effect it has on my hair. I’m probably long overdue for a decent cut (or what I call the-smallest-trim-you-will-ever-see) but this conditioner seems to have given my hair a little more life and I can probably put off a visit to the salon for another few weeks at least.

The Repair & Protect Shampoo (R42,99 for 200ml) does a wonderful job of cleansing my hair and I’ve noticed my scalp seems less flakey in the last two weeks I’ve been using it. I think stress is partly to blame for the flakiness, but the shampoo certainly leaves my hair feeling fresh and cared for, without drying it out.

Which range is right for you?

Fancy a change in hair care? If you’re looking to make a switch and perhaps embark on your own Pantene Shine Strong Challenge, take a look at their wide range of hair care below and see which range is right for you. There really is something for everyone:

If your hair is normal – Try Classic Care for fuss-free care for healthy hair

If your hair is damaged – Try Repair & Protect to repair damage

If your hair is frizzy – Try Smooth & Sleek to tame frizz

If your hair is limp – Try Full & Thick for volume and fullness

If your hair is dry – Try Moisture Renewal for hydration

If your hair is colour-treated – Try Protect & Shine to keep colours vibrant

If your hair is fine – Try Aqua Light to care for hair without weighing it down

If your hair is needing a change – Try Nature Fusion for healthy hair with natural Cassia

You could wash your hair with bottled water... or you could try Pantene's new Pro-V damage-blocker formula. So much cheaper!

You could wash your hair with bottled water… or you could try Pantene’s Pro-V damage-blocker formula.

Pantene’s Pro Tip

Think your hair gets used to the same shampoo and conditioner? Think again. The same product used on the same hair type that is in the same condition will always work.

However, changes to our hair from things like chemical processes, colouring, frequent styling, lifestyle changes and more can cause our hair type and condition to change. Therefore, our hair care products must change too, so make sure you readdress the needs of your hair regularly to ensure you are using the perfect products for your type and concerns.

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