Pantene Trial: Week 4

Pantene Trial: Week 4

The last few weeks have seen me take on the Pantene Shine Strong Challenge to see if their new products (containing a Pro-V formula with antioxidant damage-blockers) can make a difference to my hair. The results are finally in and have surprised even me. Check out Week 1’s post to learn more about this new formula, Week 2 to find out which Pantene range is best for you and Week 3 for a top hydration tip that you and your hair will simply love.
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Week 4

After more than a month of using my Pantene Repair & Protect Shampoo and Moisture Renewal Conditioner, the bottles are still only half empty. In fact, the conditioner is about two thirds full as I only use a little on the lower half of my hair to prevent oilier roots. I also find that the shampoo lathers very well, which makes a difference when your hair is long and you have lots of it, because shampooing with products that don’t foam well can take a long time (even if these are lower in sulphates and technically better for your hair).

My hair feels great and I’ve recently been for a much-needed cut (to the delight of my hair dresser, whose mission in life is to get me to cut a lob) and it’s looking healthier than ever.

Lauren Week 5

This is my most recent picture, from the fifth week of using these products.

I’ve spoken a lot of the other beauty bloggers who have been involved in this trial and quite a few of them have said that some of the Pantene products tend to leave their hair with bit of product build up that causes it to need washing a bit earlier than usual. I can honestly say I haven’t experienced this and because my hair tends towards the frizzy side, perhaps the formula has helped by smoothing my hair down. I also wash it twice every time – using a little product initially before rinsing, and then a little more for a more thorough wash, which I find makes my hair feel cleaner for longer. I also usually add a few blasts of a dry shampoo to my hair after the third day (I don’t believe daily washing is good for ANY hair type) to extend its life a bit, because I certainly don’t have time to blow dry and style my hair more than once a week.

Overall, I’ve been impressed by these products and as someone who usually uses fancy, professional hair care that costs upwards of R300, I’d say the results you’ll get with these are well worth the bargain price. Happy hair days to you all!

Pantene Aqua Light.

Pantene Aqua Light.

Pantene’s Pro Tip

If your hair starts to feel heavy or gets oily quicker than normal, it doesn’t always mean you need to change your shampoo and conditioner. You could be experiencing product build up.

Instead of switching products, try using a clarifying shampoo every third wash to remove build up and leave your hair feeling clean and light.

You could also try using a hair care range such as Pantene Aqua Light to care for your hair without weighing it down. It’s a great range if your hair is very fine and gets oily quickly.

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