Q&A | Radical Stuff

Q&A | Radical Stuff

There’s so much talk about free radicals everywhere. What are they? Are they really dangerous?

The term ‘free radicals’ is SO much more than just one of those current buzz words aimed at conjuring fear in the minds of every skin savvy person out there. They can actually cause real harm to your body and it’s essential to understand them and know how to fight them!

Dr Bradley Wagemaker, Medical Director at Lamelle Research Laboratories, offers a simple understanding and I’m going to take it one step further from the female perspective.

Think of a free radical (an atom or molecule) as man who’s lost his mate (his electron). He’s unbalanced (aren’t they all?). So he goes in search of a replacement mate (another electron) but he has to steal her away from another man (another atom or molecule) in order to complete himself. Aaah, sweet? No! Because now the other man is left unbalanced and in turn must go out and steal another replacement mate to complete himself.

And so the vicious cycle continues in a domino effect with these free radicals multiplying all over the body creating cell injury, which causes:

Cell damage and even premature cell death

Increased sagging and thinning of the skin

Accelerated photoaging from UV exposure

A lessened immune system to fight against skin disease

And even the formation of skin cancers

Pretty serious huh? So, how can we stop this?! By fighting the free radicals with anti-oxidants.

An anti-oxidant basically acts as a glorified wing-man by getting the free radical the partner he needs, without actually needing to go out and steal one for himself, which means he stops the domino effect. There are many types of anti-oxidants and your body needs a combination of them to properly fight all the different effects of free radical damage. They occur naturally in your body in the form of Vitamin C and E, Co-Enzyme Q10 and Uric Acid to name a few, and of course you can find them in green tea, berries, tomatoes, carrots and more.

Oooh, berry nice! Good for your skin and tasty, too.

But it’s not enough to be only including anti-oxidant-rich foods in your diet, you need to be topically applying them to your skin in higher concentrations than you could if you just ate them. Kauai definitely doesn’t have a big enough smoothie on the menu to include all the necessary anti-oxidants in a big enough quantity (but drinking them sure does make you feel good).

The solution? Eat plenty of berries and citrus fruits (tomato is a citrus fruit too) and look for skincare products high in anti-oxidants with ingredients like Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Co-Enzyme Q10.

And for a fabulous new skincare range packed with powerful anti-oxidants and ingredients to fight free radical damage and nourish your skin…check this out!


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