Rimmel Extra Wow Lash Mascara

Rimmel Extra Wow Lash Mascara

Price R79,95

Get it at selected retail stores and pharmacies

I was so impressed with this mascara from Rimmel. In the past, I have often been rather disenchanted with what could be considered standard entry level mascaras, but this one exceeded expectations.

The shape of the brush makes it easy to use and allows you to create an exaggerated sweep on the outer lashes. One coat provides a thin application, which is great for a natural day-time look. But what I love is how forgiving the mascara is when applying the second coat – it provides greater definition without making my eyelashes look like the legs of the spider I squealed at last night.

Another impressive feature is its long-lasting wearability. At the end of a long day my mascara still looks great and feels comfortable.

And although it’s not waterproof, what really sold me was when I watched The Lion King with my son (I still cry when Mufasa dies) and there wasn’t a sign of smudged or running mascara. Another bonus is that when the day is done, it’s forgiving enough to be removed with my standard cleanser (a huge plus when I’m feeling too lazy for the additional step of make-up remover).

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