Sisley Sunleya G.E Age Minimizing Global Sun Care SPF30 PA+++

Sisley Sunleya G.E Age Minimizing Global Sun Care SPF30 PA+++

Price R2490

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If your credit card allows for it, this luxurious sun cream from Sisley is the business. But please be realistic, no one should bankrupt themselves for beauty products (even sunscreen) and you’re not making a smart skincare decision if you spend every cent you have on one product and can’t afford to buy essentials like a cleanser, day cream and shampoo!

That being said, those who have the money will appreciate the utter luxury and long list of beautifying skincare benefits this product offers. That’s what you’re really paying for because the chemical UVA and UVB filters (Avobenzone, Tinosorb-S, etc.), are similar to those found in many other sunscreens.

The age-minimising benefits are what sets this product apart. The formula contains active ingredients which protect skin from photoageing in the form of pigmentation, cell damage and solar elastosis (think loss of elasticity and deep wrinkles) as well as glycation. The ingredients also help to prevent wrinkles, loss of firmness and dehydration (another skincare concern induced and accelerated by the sun) and this nourishing cream is enriched with plant glycerin and shea butter, making it a total dream for dry skins.

It smells divine – fresh and herbal – and the dark brown, airtight pump bottle ensures that those all-important solar filters are not disturbed by light or air, while helping to dispense the right amount of product with no chance of waste.

Tip On days when the sun has gotten the better of you, give your skin a repairing boost with Sisley Sunleya Age Minimizing After-Sun Care (R2008, see more here). And if you’re looking for a golden glow without the rays, try Sisley Self-Tanning Hydrating Facial Skincare (R1177, review).

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