SkinCeuticals Ultra Facial Defense SPF50+

SkinCeuticals Ultra Facial Defense SPF50+

Price R480

Get it at selected salons, skincare professionals and doctors

I love skincare products from SkinCeuticals, but their suncare items are particular favourites (see another must-have here). I trust them entirely and know that they’ve got me covered when I’m in the sun.

This one really means business and makes use of physical and chemical UV filters (Tinosorb-S, Mexoryl-XL and -SX) to provide broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. And because it contains Titanium Dioxide, you can apply it just before sun exposure, which means you are getting immediate protection.

It also goes one step further in preventing UV-induced collagen breakdown and pigmentation, making it a fantastic option to use if you are already struggling with dark spots or currently treating them with products that make skin even more sensitive to the sun.

The texture is light and liquid, suitable for oiler skin types too, and the small, slim tube makes it ideal for use when travelling.

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