Test-driving the LG Smart Inverter Top Loader + Water-Saving Tips

Test-driving the LG Smart Inverter Top Loader + Water-Saving Tips

Here’s a little known fact about me: I love doing laundry. Yeah, I’m that girl. On a Saturday morning (post-run on the beach) I can most often be found separating my whites from my darks and hauling baskets of washing down to the laundry room in my complex. So, when LG approached me to test-drive their new LG Smart Inverter Top Loader, I was as excited as I get when I pull that clean laundry out of the machine.

Having been used to an industrial machine, when given the choice between the various sizes in the range, I knew I had to choose something comparable. The LG Smart Inverter comes in a 9kg, 13kg, 15kg and 17kg machine with a choice between white and silver. I chose the 15kg because, as much as I enjoy doing washing, I don’t have the time to do it as often as I’d like. That means that when I do get round to it, I need a machine that can handle the load I’ve built up and tackle it in the most efficient way possible.

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There are so many great features and benefits to the LG Smart Inverter Top Loader and, judging by the owner’s manual that I ploughed through when doing my first wash, there is so much more to learn about what is is capable of.

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The Big 3

♦ Energy Saving with Smart Inverter Control which eliminates wasted operation by efficiently controlling energy use. This saves you a whopping 36% on energy use during each wash (and I’ve checked, because I have a prepaid electricity meter in my apartment and it barely makes a dent). It also has Standby Power Save, which means that even when the cord is plugged in while the power is off, it still uses minimal electricity. It even has an Auto Restart function, which automatically restarts the machine from the position in which it stopped in the event of a power failure. This is a great function for anyone living in SA, where power outages can be common practice.

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♦ Smart Motion is 3 kinds of motions created by Smart Inverter for optimised washing by fabric type. This includes Agitating for powerful washing, Rotating to prevent tangling and Swing for a delicate wash.

♦ Turbo Drum™ enables the most powerful wash and removes even the toughest dirt through strong water stream of rotating drum and pulsator in the opposite direction.

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More Washing Power

♦ Punch+3 creates powerful streams of water which mix laundry up and down repeatedly for even washing result.

♦ Auto Pre Wash means that with one touch, tough stains are ready to be gone. You just select the option and watch the machine agitate, soak, agitate and soak for 8 minutes, before resuming the regular wash function. No more pre-soaking and handwashing to get rid of stains!

♦ Side Waterfall enables the best mixing of detergent with water while minimising detergent residue that can cause skin irritation and allergy. This doesn’t really apply to my washing as I prefer to use pods in my wash, and these need to be placed directly into the drum of the machine between the clothes.

♦ Lint Filters that allow for easy removal of lint

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Bonus Benefits

♦ LoDecibel™ & Less Vibration minimises noise and vibration level, which also means more durability. There is also a Silent Wash option but to be honest the machine is already super quiet, in fact more so than a regular conversation (65 decibels), an office (55 decibels) and at 45 decibels is only slightly more noisy than a library (40 decibels). So if you wanted to set the machine to wash while you slept, it wouldn’t bother anyone close by.

♦ Child Lock to prevent little ones from pushing ALL the buttons

♦ 10 Year Motor Warranty for peace of mind

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Personal Favourites

♦ 15kg Top Loader The size of the machine means I can wash more, less often and a top loader is naturally easier on the back because you don’t have to bend down to place in and pull out your washing.

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♦ Wide Diamond Glass Shock resistant, anti-scratch and wide-viewing glass makes me so happy. Firstly, the lid closes slowly due to a slow-release closing mechanism that means you can release it and not have to worry about it slamming shut. But by far my favourite feature is the one that satisfies my curiosity for how things work: the glass lid means I can watch every step of the washing process from start to finish and all the glorious steps in between (yes, I did tell you I was that person). You can actually see water pouring into the machine, watch the Smart Motion in action as it Agitates, Rotates and Swings, and enjoy the endless pleasure that is the final spin function before you pull your newly washed, freshly-scented laundry from the machine.

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♦ Delay Start Wash Here’s another lesser known fact about me: you know how much I love doing laundry? That’s about as much as I hate ironing. I will avoid it all costs so I whip my clothes out of the machine as soon as I can to shake them out, hang them up and negate the need for ironing. The LG Smart Inverter Top Loader boasts a Delayed Start Wash which basically delays the finishing time of the wash. That means I can set it to start but also finish exactly when I need it to, and I can also omit the spinning function if I know I might not make it back in time.

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♦ Air Dry What a brilliant function and its beauty is two-fold, like my laundry (see what I did there?). Use it for 30 minutes to remove all moisture from the machine once a week to prevent the tub getting moldy, and use it for an hour after washing to air dry your clothes (I would totally shake mine out first to prevent creasing and remove certain items). You can use up to 2kg of laundry for air drying, so keep it to smaller items like pillow cases, underwear, light clothing, small hand towels and so on.

♦ Drain Hose Unlike front loaders which drain into pipes in the wall, with water never to be seen again, the LG Smart Inverter Top Loader has a hosepipe which drains into a sink. While this may seem inconvenient for some, it’s actually brilliant with the current water crisis in Cape Town as it means I can drain all that washing water (from wash to rinse) into buckets to use as grey water for things like flushing toilets, watering a garden or plants and even washing my running shoes and sneakers with rinsing water.

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Water-Saving Washing Tips

♦ Wear clothes several times before washing. It’s a no-brainer, especially during times of water crisis, and it also helps your clothes last longer.

♦ Wash a full load where possible or adjust the settings of your machine to the smallest capacity when doing only a few items.

♦ Always choose the correct load size and cycle to both save water and maximise cleaning results.

♦ Unless you really need it, skip the extra rinse cycle on your machine to save more water.

♦ Make sure your machine isn’t leaking, and fix any leaks as soon as they are spotted.

♦ When hand-washing, don’t overuse detergents and use the rinsing water for the next wash if separating garments and colours.

♦ Collect all your grey water and use it for things like flushing toilets and on gardens (just remember to use natural detergents).

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Wanna learn more?

Check out the LG Smart Inverter Top Loader for yourself and have a look at my IG @dearheartbeauty for videos and snaps of the machine in action.

Shop it now at House & Home (R5999) or Tafelberg Furnishers (R5999)

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