Vaseline Men Extra Strength Body Lotion

Vaseline Men Extra Strength Body Lotion

Price R29,99 for 200ml and R49,99 for 400ml

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I’ve always been blessed with very soft hands and my girlfriend often jokes they can’t have changed much since birth. Unfortunately, that’s meant I’ve often neglected the rest of my body, thinking it would just stay as soft as my hands forever. It hasn’t.

Things have recently caught up with me and this winter I’ve noticed some very dry patches on my body, and even a few flakes. I spend a lot of time at the gym (using the sauna frequently, which really saps moisture from my skin) and I haven’t been putting anything back into it, until now. I took the Vaseline Man of Extra Strength Challenge recently to see if five days was really all it took to change my skin. I didn’t expect much and, to be honest, I didn’t notice much for the first two days aside from how much I liked the scent. Even though I love fragrances, I’m not really big on heavily-scented body lotions, but this one I enjoy. It’s fresh and gives that awesome post-shower scent you get after using a nice body wash.

I also have a serious aversion to most body lotions because they tend to make my skin feel heavy or slick. This lotion claims to be non-greasy and it does absorb fairly fast, particularly on cold days and when your skin is dry to begin with. For the first few days of using it, I felt like my skin was just drinking it all in, which was a bad sign for the condition of my skin, but a good sign of things to come.

I started to feel a real improvement after day four, having used it once or twice each day, and by the fifth day I was pleased with the condition of my skin. It wasn’t necessarily softer (as I’ve never really struggled with rough skin) but all the dry patches were gone and so were any visible flaking spots. It looks healthier too and my girlfriend says she can see and feel a difference, which I’ve learned is half the battle.

Tip While it is non-greasy, I would recommend applying it sparingly if you are using it right before bed or preferably applying it an hour or so before to allow to time to properly absorb. In this way, you won’t feel uncomfortable if you tend to get hot when you sleep, as most men do.

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