Vichy Capital Soleil BB Tinted Velvety Cream SPF50+

Vichy Capital Soleil BB Tinted Velvety Cream SPF50+

Price R269

Get it at selected retail stores and pharmacies

I absolutely, unequivocally adore this sun beauty from Vichy. I use it almost every day, whether I’m going to be in the sun or not, because it kicks the butt of every other BB cream I’ve tried. The texture, coverage and finish are so good it’s almost as if the SPF50+ is a bonus, even though that should be the main reason for wearing it.

With a combination of physical (Titanium dioxide) and chemical (Mexoryl-SX and -XL) UV filters, it offers broad-spectrum protection for the face and neck.

It’s also water resistant and hypoallergenic, having been formulated for sensitive skins, and I can attest to not having experienced any tingling, itching or burning sensations when using it.

The formula even has skincare benefits because it contains hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate, as well as Vichy’s famous Thermal Spa Water to soothe, strengthen and regenerate. It smells divine (lightly floral), the texture is sublime (super light and hydrating) and it still provides really incredible coverage. Who needs boring foundation when you have this beauty?

Tip For combination and oily skin types, try the Capital Soleil BB Tinted Dry Touch Face Fluid SPF50 (R269) which has a drier, more mattifying finish. And if you’re just after sun protection without the tint, go for the untinted Mattifying Face Fluid Dry Touch SPF50 (R269).

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